Question about interface -vs- socket adress

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Wed Feb 2 14:01:44 GMT 2000

  I've been code-reading and experimenting, now that I
have a new machine at home, and find something odd about
"socket address" and "interfaces": they seem to be used in
similar ways, depending only on the value of "bind interfaces

in smbd/server.c, open_sockets(), the code says:
if(lp_interfaces() && lp_bind_interfaces_only())
        code to bind interface
        code to bind socket address

This may be a buglet, but it also may be a step in the
process of retiring "socket address" in favor of "interfaces".
In a previous life, that was exactly how we retired old
linker records: replace them with a new, more general form,
denigrate the old, and eventually remove it after everyone
stopped depending on it.

Can someone comment? I'll happily regularize the code and
propose a patch for it and the documentation.

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