[samba-tng] status: nt5ldap and samtdb

Luke Howard lukeh at PADL.COM
Tue Feb 1 22:57:59 GMT 2000

>SURS tables are back up for grabs / discussuion!!!

[quietly sidestepping SURS flamewars because AD stores the entire SID
_and_, generally, POSIX UID number and GID]

My status is that, with the exception of understanding the encoding of
a couple of attributes -- namely, objectSid (kind of important, yes!) 
and dBCSPwd/unicodePwd -- things are mostly working. There seems to be
some weird stuff happening that can send the passdb backend into an
infinite loop, though, which I believe Luke has noticed as well.

So... I guess the upshot is that I'm going to have to implement an
LDAP backend for samrd, but I think I might just wait until things
settle down a bit there (do they ever?) as I need an excuse for a
break :-)


-- Luke

Luke Howard
PADL Software Pty Ltd

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