[samba-tng] status: nt5ldap and samtdb

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at samba.org
Tue Feb 1 19:33:55 GMT 2000

SURS tables are back up for grabs / discussuion!!!

> > table-based ones, that means that the table must create the unique SID.  i
> > suggest that the first few components of the SID be used as the base, and
> > the newly-created RID be concatenated on the input SID parameter.
> > 
> > either that, or just create a new function surscreatesidfromposix().
> > 
> 	Ohh... dammit, I was hoping I wouldn't have to get into this... :P
> 	Um, it's probably best done in a separate functions, because there's
> too much semantic difference depending on if you specify create or not...
> I'll think more about this when I get home.

ok, a better one is surscreatesidfromposix() and surscreateposixfromsid(),
with "suggested" values for the xxxfrom parameter that are overwritten
with either:

- the pre-existing tuple

- the created tuple.  if the "suggested" value is not appropriate, it is
overwritten in the return argument.

- if the pre-existing or created entry fails, an error code is returned.

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