FEATURE REQ: safe % expansion via new syntax

Nicolas Williams Nicolas.Williams at wdr.com
Tue Feb 1 16:54:49 GMT 2000

Proposal: There should be a way to specify that some substitutions
          should be made in a way that is safe as far as Bourne Shell
	  command lines are concerned (e.g., if %f expands to a string
	  with special characters in it, it should be expanded to a
	  sutiably quoted string in 'print command' parameters).

Either all parameters that eventually result in a /bin/sh command line
should expand special % tokens in this way or else there should be a way
to specify, in smb.conf, that this quoting take place. One way to do the
latter might be to have %"... work as %... would but in a safe way
Bourne Shell-quoting wise.

The %"... feature would require changes to:

 - standard_sub()
 - standard_sub_basic()
 - string_sub()
 - expand_env_var()

The * command feature would only require changes to functions that call

I'm thinking of %s and %f which expand to file names in 'print command'
parameters. I'm also thinking of the 'open command' and 'close command'
parameters implemented by a patch by Andy Bakun which allow
administrators to specify a command to be called when a file is opened
or closed.

Since those commands are run via smbrun() and, eventually, via /bin/sh,
any strings that may be passed in by users should be appropriately
quoted. IMNSHO.

The open/close command patch would allow me to set up shares for the
purpose of securely launching applications remotely without having to
deal with the horror of the 'magic script' parameter.

The 'magic script' parameter should be deprecated, IMNSHO, and Andy
Bakun's patch should be included, again, IMNSHO.

Security is not the only objective I have in mind: any file name should
work even if it contains special characters in it, provided it's a valid
name (most people would be surprised at what can be a valid file name!).

The relevant URLs are:



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