very slow "network login" over PPP

Daniel Stenberg Daniel.Stenberg at
Tue Feb 1 10:34:29 GMT 2000


Having spent a couple of days buried in samba source code, I've now
succeeded in most of my (custom) changes.

So, I am now ready to attack one of the most major problems I can see in
this system: the extremely slow login process when done over PPP.

Is it at all possible to do anything about?

When I login as a mere user from a Win-box doing a domain login, I can
count to *20* netbios-ns broadcasts before the first netbios-dgm is sent
(and thus replied to if there is a server around for it). (packets
recorded by tcpdump)

The total time for those 20 broadcasts is around 7-9 seconds. 

Can I force the client to behave differently? Can I fake a message reply

I am prepared to do (other) protocol nastinesses in order to drastically
cut these times to a minimum. Any ideas? Any hints? Any suggestions? I
want to cut seconds! :-)

PS. All these changes are made for a custom product I am codesigning for a
customer.  They will of course become publicly available later on, in case
anyone else would like to attack samba really viciously.

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