libsmbclient: Browsing and a URI spec?

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Sun Dec 31 12:10:15 GMT 2000

At 11:47 AM 12/31/00 +0100, Simo Sorce wrote:
>> Unless I have misinterpreted RFC2396, my suggestions would be:
>>   [user[;domain][:password]]
>> or
>>   [user[+domain][:password]]
>> But I am open to suggestions.
>I feel like prepending domain to the authentication part is better, partly
>because it's how ms has done it (dom\usr) and partly because
>hierarchically user belong to domain and not the countrary so domain
>should come first.
>  [[domain;]user[:password]

OK, that sounds reasonable ...

>> Finally, however, the issue of workgroups/domains intrudes. These would be
>> most naturally accomodated by supplanting the server down one level, eg:
>>   smb://[userinfo@][workgroup[/server[/share[/path[/file]]]]]
>> but this seems unnatural and the objection can be made that DNS-style
>> domains are not browsed in this way with a normal URI, other mechanisms
>> must be used to obtain the relevant list of domains.
>> Thus, my preference now is to exclude workgroups/domains from the URI
>> syntax, and to use the URI syntax listed above, but I am prepared to listen
>> to argument.
>I totally agree, but a way to specify which is the default workgroup
>should be specified.

Yes, I should have said that. That was what I intended ...

>> I would like to provide additional routines to list workgroups, but this
>> itself may require the provision of authentication information, as the
>> process of listing the workgroups requires a connection (NetBT) to the
>> backup browser, and a TCON to the IPC$ share.  This may require a
>> SessionSetup&X with a valid username and password pair.
>> An open question at this stage is whether or not this authentication
>> information should be provided using the callback facility already
>> provided, or whether or not they should be passed in via parameters.
>I think an utility similar to nslookup will be perfect.
>Happy new year,

Not quite yet, here ... About 90 minutes to go, but NZ has already gone!

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