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Thanks for this, Richard!

> <quote verbatim="not quite">
> NetBIOS names are always converted to uppercase when sent to other systems,
> and may consist of any character, except:
>   - Any character less than a space (0x20)
>   - the characters " . / \ [ ] : | < > + = ; ,
> </quote>
> While MS have bent the spec a bit (cf \001\002_MSBROWSE_\002\001), the
> above would seem to indicate that an '@' is a legit character in a NetBIOS
> name, while ':' or '[' or ']' are not.

I have been looking for a long time to find this information.  I will have
to see if I can get a copy of the IBM docs.  I hope there's one online.
RFC 1001 says:


      In the absence of an "official" standard for NetBIOS services, the
      version found in the IBM PC Network Technical Reference[2] is used. 

which indicates that the above is "standard".

One question...  It says:

>   - Any character less than a space (0x20)

Does that mean that a space is allowed *within* a NetBIOS name?  I know
spaces are specified for use as trailing padding, but is "HI THERE" a 
valid NetBIOS name?

Thanks again!

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