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I think that the key here is that the limitation is in the code and not
the protocol.

> "Michael B. Allen" wrote:
> > ...
> > > Also, one problem I ran into with smbspool was that you had to
> > > specify the workgroup of a server if it was not in the current
> > > workgroup - otherwise smbspool wouldn't need the workgroup in the
> > > URI at all... :(
> > 
> > Perhaps your confusing workgroup with domain? Otherwise this is
> No, at least up to SAMBA 2.0.7 (I haven't checked in the 2.2 branch
> yet) if you don't set the workgroup and the server is in another
> workgroup, then the SAMBA client code will be unable to connect
> to the server (unable to find it.)
> > a deficency in the smbspool software because there's nothing that
> > smbspool cannot get from a normal name query. In the context of the
> HA!  Sounds so easy, but try doing it using the current client
> "library" in SAMBA!
> (contributions to smbspool would be welcome, BTW!)
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