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"Michael B. Allen" wrote:
> ...
> > Also, one problem I ran into with smbspool was that you had to
> > specify the workgroup of a server if it was not in the current
> > workgroup - otherwise smbspool wouldn't need the workgroup in the
> > URI at all... :(
> Perhaps your confusing workgroup with domain? Otherwise this is

No, at least up to SAMBA 2.0.7 (I haven't checked in the 2.2 branch
yet) if you don't set the workgroup and the server is in another
workgroup, then the SAMBA client code will be unable to connect
to the server (unable to find it.)

> a deficency in the smbspool software because there's nothing that
> smbspool cannot get from a normal name query. In the context of the

HA!  Sounds so easy, but try doing it using the current client
"library" in SAMBA!

(contributions to smbspool would be welcome, BTW!)

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