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IIRC correctly, "." is a valid character for domains, I seem to remember
working on a domain (workgroup) that was the same as my dns domain.. In
fact, now that I think about it, I remember working on several domains that
were like this at client sites.  But what about using this format...


The scope is a logical organizer.  The scope breaks up the querries to only
names listed under the specified scope.  This can be used for several
purposes.  Suppose you have to departments, and they should not be able to
querry each others names, but they are within the same workgroup, or
security domain. The scope allows you to seperate them, so that if you don't
know the scope, you can't querry the name.  The problem is that microsoft
only supports one scope per machine.  So a computer can't participate in
multiple scopes, which leave the scopes functionality, at more of a
security/segregation type function.  With scopes, you can have multple
workgroups, all sharing the same netbios name space, but clients can only
querry the systems registered within the same scope as they are in.  In this
way, you have broken up the one namespace into several logical namespaces.

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-> > Scope is very difficult to explain.  It is a mechanism for creating
-> > virtual LANs within a virtual LAN.  See:
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-> Okay, from this I gather that scope functions almost like a mask
-> on NBT broadcasts, attempting to mimic a routed domain hierarchy.
-> I know "." isn't allowed in a machine name, but what about a 
-> workgroup?
-> If not, adapt the workgroup browsing syntax to this:
-> smb://workgroup[.scope]/
-> Simple, compliant, and makes sense too.  Again, once we have 
-> a machine
-> name, this should become irrelevant.
-> Of course, if "FOO.BAR" is a valid workgroup name, this won't work.
-> Where is the RFC on the NetBIOS namespace at?  ;^)
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