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agreed.  lets move on... The fact is, the workgroup has nothing to do with
the server.  The server can register to be in a workgroup, but knowing the
workgroup is not necesary to access the machine, and specifying it doesn't
really help either, since the workgroup is not even used in resolving the
server name.  the only thing that is needed is the domain for authentication
purposes, and that is defined in the user identification field. (or before
it depending on how you want to look at it...)

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-> > the proposed workgroup#server syntax would resolve also 
-> this case forcing
-> > "workgroup" to be the workgroup into which you want to 
-> find a server and
-> > not the misconfigured servername.
-> This is true, but is the _only_ use of such a 
-> differentiation.  So, what
-> do we sacrifice for this?  A lot.  Using "#" would be the 
-> one exception
-> to the RFC in the whole URI design.  Are you willing to give 
-> up on RFC
-> compliance in order to accommodate a workaround for a broken network?
-> If you ask me, the price is too high.  Blame a bad network 
-> and move on.
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