Welsh, Armand armand.welsh at
Fri Dec 29 19:29:45 GMT 2000

Yes, this is correct.  If the guest account is disabled on the NT server,
that you must authenticate to view the resources.  BUT if the guest account
is enabled, then you don't have to authenticate, because it allows the
annonymous use (via guest) of it's resources... And this is why the everyone
group is not the same as the domain users group.. I know.. off topic, but
several NT admins, seem to assume everyone is only authenticated users, and
as such, leave great big gapping security holes in their file systems... :)

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-> > BTW, I think that some NT boxes will not list their 
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-> > authenticate.  Does anyone know if this is true?
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-> Yes, and also all my samba servers act this way :)

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