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Fri Dec 29 18:18:14 GMT 2000

Good point.  In fact, maybe splitting the two is the better approach.  Since
browsing is strictly a netbios function, then perhaps two different
protocols are in order, just as we have ftp:// and http:// for
downloading/browsing, perhaps nmb://<workgroup>/ for browsing workgroups,
and smb://<server>/ for browsing shares.  The entities returned by
nmb://<workgroup>/ would be items that point to smb://<server>/ or other
nmb://<workgroup>/ items.

Suppose the folloing nmb:// guerry, would return all workgroups, and then
nmb://<workgroup> would return all hosts that participate in the workgroup.

this sounds logical.....

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-> Does there need to be a way to textually access the browse list for a
-> workgroup?  Yes.  Does it need to be a url beginning with 
-> `smb://'?  I don't
-> think it does.  It would be nice if typing smb:// could take 
-> us straight to a
-> list of servers (or of workgroups? Another choice to be made 
-> :), but I don't
-> think this feature's important enough that we should 
-> tolerate ambiguous URLs.
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