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Thanks, and yes I think it would be a good idea to run the spec past a 
few such folks.

How about the CIFS list too (or perhaps we should have some working
examples first)? 

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> "Christopher R. Hertel" wrote:
> > ...
> > Perhaps it is time to consider the process of 'registering' the
> > smb:// syntax and working it through whatever standards body is out
> > there to consider it.  I'm sure we would get an opinion from such a
> > group.
> Unfortunately, I think that IANA might want a full specification
> done for SMB/CIFS (to be published as an RFC or RFCs of its own),
> and IIRC any registered scheme must be an IETF standard or
> proposed standard...
> We went through the same thing with IPP, and the IPP scheme could
> not be registered until the IETF accepted IPP/1.1 as a proposed
> standard...
> That said, I'm sure we could find someone in their group to provide
> feedback on our ideas, which should at least yield something that
> adheres to the spirit of the RFC...
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