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Fri Dec 29 17:53:09 GMT 2000

"Christopher R. Hertel" wrote:
> ...
> Perhaps it is time to consider the process of 'registering' the
> smb:// syntax and working it through whatever standards body is out
> there to consider it.  I'm sure we would get an opinion from such a
> group.

Unfortunately, I think that IANA might want a full specification
done for SMB/CIFS (to be published as an RFC or RFCs of its own),
and IIRC any registered scheme must be an IETF standard or
proposed standard...

We went through the same thing with IPP, and the IPP scheme could
not be registered until the IETF accepted IPP/1.1 as a proposed

That said, I'm sure we could find someone in their group to provide
feedback on our ideas, which should at least yield something that
adheres to the spirit of the RFC...

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