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Fri Dec 29 16:39:31 GMT 2000

> Simo Sorce wrote:
> >
> > [...] still I will push to add workgroup searchability in the string:
> > smb://[[domain;]user[:password]@][workgroup]server/[share/[path/]]
> Why?  I think it has been clearly shown that the case below (the now
> infamous misconfigured network) is the only possible scenario where
> a distinction needs to be made between a workgroup and a server.

...and I think we have demonstrated that there are multiple work-arounds.
Returning both the browse list and the server's service list is one.  
Returning only the server's service list is another, and returning an 
error message is a third.

The reason that this makes logical sense is that, on a properly configured
network, the same base NetBIOS name cannot represent both a file server
and a browse list server.  They are mutually exclusive.  Thus, we may
allow the 'server' field to represent either.  I claim that the string:


is a request to list available services, whether these be actual file 
services or a directory of servers offering services.

I also ask folks to play with Microsoft's Network Neighborhood.  Start at 
the top-level "Entire Network" and drill down.  This is the functionality 
we will want to replicate.

> The issue is confused by trying to use a single general design as in
> the above example.  It is important to note that the following two
> syntaxes are mutually exclusive:
> smb://[[domain;]user[:password]@]server/[share/[path/]]
> smb://workgroup/

Mutually exclusive in the sense that they do not cause (excessive)
trouble, not in the sense that they cannot work togheter.  The only
trouble, again, is in the case of the misconfigured network--which is
detectable and managable. 

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