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Fri Dec 29 00:14:18 GMT 2000

Geez, my fingers hurt.

Says Steve Langasek:
> My personal feeling is that a backslash may still be preferable here.  I can't
> imagine a situation where a modern client would maltreat this character, with
> the exception of posix shell... and I already have to escape URLs at the
> commandline because of the use of '&'.  I'd be interested to know the reasons
> for marking the backslash as an 'unwise' character.  If this character really
> no longer deserves the label 'unwise', it's always possible to change the RFC.
> If it /is/ unwise to use \ in urls, I still think, based on my reading of the
> RFC, that we'll want to avoid the semicolon.

Fortunately, as Mike pointed out, it's a single character change to any
parsing code.

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