Allen, Michael B (RSCH) Michael_B_Allen at
Fri Dec 29 00:05:56 GMT 2000

> > Given the string "smb://<srvname>/" (note: no auth data), first assume 
> > that this is a browser query, and attempt to locate the server list by 
> > querying <srvname>#1D.  If this fails, then consider <srvname> to be a
> > fileserver.  Attempt to connect to <srvname>#20 and collect a list of
> > available services. 
	Mmmmm. Yes, I see.

> but I would prefer to flip-flop the
> workgroup's precedence over a server name in the unlikely event that
> the network namespace is messed up (first try #20, then #1D).
	But this would be left to the application and is not an issue concerning the smb URI standard. What is described here is that specifying a workgroup for browsing explicitly within the URI is not supported. The *application* is simply attempting to resolve the servername as a #1D group name. So this is quite nice because we get rid of the bastard stepchild workgroup# from the URL but the application can still provide browse functionality.

	I like it!


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