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Thu Dec 28 22:52:28 GMT 2000

Of interest (from

\\domain_name[1Dh]      Registered only by the Master Browser, of which
                        there can only be one for each subnet. This name
                        is used by the Backup Browsers to communicate with
                        the Master Browser to retrieve the list of
                        available servers from the Master Browser.

                        WINS servers always return a positive registration
                        response for
                        domain_name[1D], even though the WINS server does
                        not "register" this name in its database. 
                        Therefore, when a WINS server is queried for the
                        domain_name[1D], the WINS server returns a
                        negative response, which causes the client to 
                        broadcast to resolve the name.

That is, P nodes can't browse.


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