Service name=?=domain name

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Thu Dec 28 22:48:52 GMT 2000

> I do not think you can name you domain and domain controller with the same
> name.
> Try it ... try to change your domain to the same name as the PDC?

Unfortunately, I don't have a PDC around to test this on.  Shame, though 
I don't doubt you.

The only conflict would be the #00 name.  <computer>#00 is the workstation
name (machine name) and <domain>#00 is a group name registered by the old
LANman-2 domain system, which is long out of use (I assume).  Interesting

Still, it makes things easier since, if true, a local master browser 
cannot have the same NetBIOS name as a file server.  Thus, a string like:


can be a browse list request *or* a request to list services on a server, 
but not both.  Either srvname#20 will resolve or srvname#1D will resolve, 
but not both.

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