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At 04:05 PM 12/28/00 -0600, Christopher R. Hertel wrote:
>Quick question.
>Given an NT domain controller for the domain "GOOB", does NT allow the 
>PDC to also be named "GOOB"?  That is, can there be a machine (most 
>likely the PDC) with the same name as the domain itself?

I do not think you can name you domain and domain controller with the same

Try it ... try to change your domain to the same name as the PDC?

>The only NetBIOS name conflict would be the #00 name.  The workstation
>itself would register GOOB#00 as its workstation name.  The browsing
>service might attempt to register the group name GOOB#00 to conform to the
>old LANman 2 domain system (which is probably no longer in popular use).  
>Other than this, I can think of no name conflicts that would prevent 
>using the same name for both the NTdomain and the server.  Still, this 
>might be enough to cause Microsoft not to allow the PDC itself to take on 
>the name of the domain it serves.
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