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Pat slu at
Thu Dec 28 21:14:12 GMT 2000

Are you using Just TCP/IP as the protocol?  It could be conflicting with
Netbeui.  The clients may be trying to communicate over Netbeui instead of


Charles Crawford wrote:

> I'm having problems with both machines, but not consistantly... i.e.
> sometimes one, sometimes the other, and sometimes both...
> It's as if the network is beeing flooded with traffic and preventing the
> samba servers from being recognized. Funny thing, though, yesterday after
> the Internet connection was restored, the smb connections were fine once the
> client machines were restarted (complete power down and back up).
> Thanks,

> Charlie
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> Charles Crawford wrote:
> > The system is a Linux (RH 6.1) with Samba 2.0.5a-12, but I also have
> another
> > server also running Linux (RH 6.1) with Samba 2.0.7-4. Both are connected
> to
> > an NT network with the NT server functioning as the DC and WINS server.
> >
> > I'm having some severe problems connecting to the shares via windows right
> > now. If anyone could be of assistance, this would be greatly appreciated.
> >
> Which Machine are you having trouble connecting to?  Is it both of them or
> just
> one?
> Patrick

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