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-> All day today, and often on other days, I get error messages 
-> on login saying
-> that either there aren't enough network resources available, 
-> or that the
-> computer name cannot be found.

If this is a legitimate error message, then your problem is that you have
device drivers, or TSRs loading in your config.sys/autoexec.bat files.  The
resources on win9x is the lower 640K of RAM in your system.  This area is
where you programs must be run from (16bit/8bit progs), which, is also where
your support for older windows and DOS programs from within windows runs
from.  Win3.x used to have serious resource issues, but win9x did away with
the resource problem by moveing to a pure 32bit OS, and implementig a
thunking system, that converts 16bit code to 32bit code.  But I know from
experience, that even though it can do this, it still has the resources
limitation when using 16bit apps, and apparently the system stacks are still
down there.  So if you have DOS programs loading before windows starts, less
of this memory is available.

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