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-> Great.  That simplifies things to this:
-> (known server)    
-> smb://[[domain/]user[:password]@]server/[share/[path/]]
-> (browse workgrp)  smb://workgroup/
-> (browse default)  smb://

I like this format.  It make logical sense.

-> use ":" and "@", I see no choice but this:
->   smb://[[domain;]user[:password]@]server/[share/[path/]]

I don't like this.  It's non-intuitive, and just tries to make the URI
easier to parse, w/o looking at the whole URI.  If the @ exists in the URI,
then what if the is a / to the left of it, the slash seperates the domain
from the username[:password] fields.  If there is no @ in the URI, then no
domain should be specified, unless the domain is what is being browsed.  It
makes sense to me anyways...

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