smb:// (workgroups vs. ntdomains)

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Thu Dec 28 18:54:42 GMT 2000

> "Christopher R. Hertel" wrote:
> > 
> > From what I can tell, folks are using the term "workgroup" to identify the
> > browse list space and "domain" to indicate the authentication server.
> Only because in this context (the URI discussion), domains are only
> relevant in as much as they pertain to authentication, and workgroups
> are only relevant in as much as they pertain to browsing.  Yes, both
> are more than that, but the "more" is simply not relevant here.

I understand the reasoning.  I'm simply a bit pedantic about terminology.
One part of "more", for example, is the scope of the browse list.

Still, for the sake of simplicity I will try to adopt the common useage 
within the scope of this discussion.  (Ouch)

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