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Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Thu Dec 28 18:38:43 GMT 2000

> In this case, the Microsoft obsession with the backslash has proved rather
> fortuitous.  Putting aside the necessity of escaping the character at the
> commandline, the domain\user syntax is quite easy to incorporate into URIs of
> other types.  For instance, we have an NT ftp server which authenticates 
> against a Samba-controlled domain.  When logging in, users have to specify the
> domain name as part of the username to log in.  Domain\user can be specified
> as part of an ftp url without any problems, whereas using another separator
> character could have caused problems (e.g. @, :, %, or /).

Urrhm.  Well...  Now that I've already seconded the idea of using the 
colon, what do people think of Steve's argument in favor of the backslash?


Seems there is precedent...

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