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Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Thu Dec 28 18:33:50 GMT 2000

Quick note.

I've often been confused about the sameness and differences between
workgroups and NT domains.  At one level, these are the same thing.  They
differ only in the central user authentication service provided by the PDC
and cross-subnet browsing provided by the DMB (which is the same as the
PDC in MS terms). 

Here's a quick document indicating the distinction:

Note that this distinction is *not* the same one that has been used in our
discussion.  From what I can tell, folks are using the term "workgroup" to
identify the browse list space and "domain" to indicate the authentication
server.  I've been pedantically sticking to "workgroup/ntdomain" for both 
and describing the differences in terms of authentication vs. browsing.  
This is probably confusing.

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