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I think that the reason for all the feedback is that you've hit on 
something critical.  I know I'm intrigued.  (Can you tell?)  ;)

> Firstly, the library alreay has a way for authentication
> information to be provided. There is a callback that is supplied when the
> smbc_init call is made.


> However, it is possible that an in-line method of specifying authentication
> may be needed as well.


> Now, I have been thinking about all the feedback, and I wonder if forcing
> browsing of workgroups into the spec might be bending things too much out
> of shape?

I don't think so.  I see ntdomain authentication as the critical point.

> The URI syntax could become:
>   smb://[user[/domain]:password@]server/service/path

I posted a message concerning my opposition to the use of the slash as a 
delimiter between user and ntdomain.  It makes parsing difficult as you 
no longer know the meaning of the fields.

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