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Let me clarify some points and make a suggestion.

Firstly, the library alreay has a way for authentication
information to be provided. There is a callback that is supplied when the
smbc_init call is made.

However, it is possible that an in-line method of specifying authentication
may be needed as well.

Now, I have been thinking about all the feedback, and I wonder if forcing
browsing of workgroups into the spec might be bending things too much out
of shape?

Perhaps I could simplify things by adding:

  int smbc_set_workgroup(const char *wg)

  char *smbc_start_wg_list(void)

  char *smbc_next_wg(void)

This would allow the workgroups to be listed; then we could go back to a
kinder, gentler syntax for browsing within a workgroup.

The URI syntax could become:


This is conceptually similar to the way people think of UNCs and avoids any
confusion around workgroups.

The above will always be interpreted in the current workgroup, either
specified by smbc_init, or by smbc_set_workgroup, or from $HOME/.smb/smb.conf

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