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Thu Dec 28 01:03:46 GMT 2000

> No, workgroup name is not needed in order to handle the authentication,
> but you may want to provide it for trusts when you does not want to access
> a machine using it's default domain/workgroup.

If you are logging into an ntdomain rather than a workgroup, how do you 
specify to which ntdomain you belong?  Does it depend on the server?

If the workgroup/ntdomain is optional, then I would want to take it out 
of the syntax I suggested in my last message.  Thus:


The problem with this is that it does not give us the ability to deal with
browsing the available workgroups/ntdomains.  smb:// still gives you the
list of available workgroups/ntdomains, but what do you get when you 
click on one?

I go back to your previous suggestion and suggest:


so that clicking on a listed workgroup or ntdomain would give you:


Hmmm... I don't like it.  Mike, Simo?  Other options?

> if you want to access a share on machine A of domain X you need only to
> provide a valid domain X username, but if you want to open the shar as
> user simo of machine A (not user of domain X) you would need to use A\simo
> as username to tell the machine to authenticate the user againts it's own
> sam and not against the domain sam.

That all depends on the auth mechanism of the server.  Again, it comes
down to designing a workable general-purpose syntax for a URI.  It should
not be required that the user know the auth mechanism of the remote

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