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Yes, I like this idea and I think eveyone else does too.  The basic syntax
that you have outlined is the right track.  Here, I believe, are the 
problems that need to be resolved:

- Trust relationships.
  If the ntdomain of the service is different than the user's
  authentication ntdomain, how do we specify both?  Do we need to specify 
  both?  Given:


  The domain field would be the authentication ntdomain, since it is 
  associated (via the @) to the user:password.

  As I think of it, since the server name must be unique (even if an IP 
  address or DNS name is used) it does not matter which ntdomain the 
  server is in.  This may work without having to specify the ntdomain of a

  Can you connect to a server in a workgroup or ntdomain without
  specifying your own workgroup or ntdomain?  I don't know enough about 
  smb authentication...

- DNS & IP vs NetBIOS naming.
  The /server/ portion should allow for an IP address, a DNS name, or a 
  NetBIOS name.   If the latter, then don't forget scope.  The trick here 
  is one of knowing how to resolve the name.  It could get messy.

- If the auth field (/user:password at domain/) is missing, can software be 
  written to prompt for the missing information?

- Which subfields of the auth field are optional?  Can you type 
  /user at domain/ and be prompted for a password (if one is needed)?  Is 
  the domain itself required?

Hopefully your knowledge of SMB and SMB authorization will fill these 
gaps.  I need to learn this stuff so let me know what will and won't work.

Chris -)-----

> Hi,
> I will try to summarize the discussion soon, but I guess that I must make
> it clear what I am trying to achieve ...
> I would like the one URI syntax, if possible, to support browsing as well
> as access to resources ...
> So, I would like to be able to support
>   fd = smbc_opendir("smb://")
> and have
>   smbc_readdir
> return the workgroups listed ... And then be able to walk down the
> heirarchy. This would then allow someone to build a GTK+ app that can
> display all the workgroups on the net and then dive down the tree ...
> But it should also allow someone to do:
>   fd = smbc_open("smb://user:password@domain/server/share/path/file")
> or something like that ...
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