Directory listing in libsmbclient.sou

Allen, Michael B (RSCH) Michael_B_Allen at
Thu Dec 28 00:01:25 GMT 2000

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> From:	Simo Sorce [SMTP:simo.sorce at]
> > 	But are some of your examples ambiguous? The # would be required I think.
> >
> > 	smb://workgroup#
> > 	smb://domain/user:password@workgroup#
> >
> Probably there cannot be a server name with the same name of a workgroup,
> so also without the pending # it is not ambiguous.
	Yes, but that would require querying the network to resolve the ambiguity. The
	reason I am oppsed to this is that the parsing function would need to query the
	network to decide whether or not to populate the struct_smb_url->server or
	struct_smb_url->workgroup. You should be able to parse your url without
	causing network traffic.


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