Directory listing in libsmbclient.sou

Allen, Michael B (RSCH) Michael_B_Allen at
Wed Dec 27 23:56:56 GMT 2000

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> Subject:	Re: Directory listing in libsmbclient.sou
> > Another variation which I prefer:
> > 
> >   smb://domain/user:password@workgroup#server/share/path/file
> >   smb://workgroup#server/share/path/file
> >   smb://workgroup
> >   smb://#server
> >   smb://domain/user:password@workgroup
> Hmmm...  I'm having trouble parsing this.
> >   smb://domain/user:password@workgroup#server/share/path/file
> By domain, do you mean login domain or service domain?  It seems from 
> this example that domain is the domain in which the server is providing 
> service, and workgroup is the login domain.  However,
	No. "domain" is part of the authentication unit and therefore part of the
	login domain. The issue is where to put the workgroup for browsing(in
	the case where it is different from the domain, which would be quite
	rare BTW.

> >   smb://workgroup#server/share/path/file
> In this example, workgroup looks like it would be the service domain. 
> That is, the server 'server' is a member of workgroup/ntdomain
> 'workgroup'.
	The way I think you could reach this URL is if you start with:


	get the browse list and then, as Richard just reiterated, "drill down" into
	a server and share. Whatever the case the workgroup in this URL would
	be for browsing. The defaut domain would still be used for authentication.

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