Directory listing in libsmbclient.sou

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Wed Dec 27 23:46:51 GMT 2000

> Another variation which I prefer:
>   smb://domain/user:password@workgroup#server/share/path/file
>   smb://workgroup#server/share/path/file
>   smb://workgroup
>   smb://#server
>   smb://domain/user:password@workgroup

Hmmm...  I'm having trouble parsing this.

>   smb://domain/user:password@workgroup#server/share/path/file

By domain, do you mean login domain or service domain?  It seems from 
this example that domain is the domain in which the server is providing 
service, and workgroup is the login domain.  However,

>   smb://workgroup#server/share/path/file

In this example, workgroup looks like it would be the service domain. 
That is, the server 'server' is a member of workgroup/ntdomain

This is quite a difficult problem to solve, but I think we are working 
toward it quite well.  Um... Has anyone checked to see if MS have 
proposed a syntax?  It might be CIFS://

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