Directory listing in libsmbclient.sou

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Thu Dec 28 00:14:54 GMT 2000


I will try to summarize the discussion soon, but I guess that I must make
it clear what I am trying to achieve ...

I would like the one URI syntax, if possible, to support browsing as well
as access to resources ...

So, I would like to be able to support

  fd = smbc_opendir("smb://")

and have


return the workgroups listed ... And then be able to walk down the
heirarchy. This would then allow someone to build a GTK+ app that can
display all the workgroups on the net and then dive down the tree ...

But it should also allow someone to do:

  fd = smbc_open("smb://user:password@domain/server/share/path/file")

or something like that ...

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