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Wed Dec 27 23:30:32 GMT 2000

Steve Langasek, in a hushed voice so as not to startle anyone, said:
> > Could a workgroup name be the same as a local server name, thus making
> > these impossible to differentiate?
> A workgroup name could be the same as a server name, yes.  I'm not sure how
> well that works in practice, but they technically occupy separate 
> namespaces in netbios, so there could be collisions between the two if 
> we tried doing the above.

Actually, the server name and workgroup/ntdomain name are both NetBIOS
names, so they are in the same namespace.  A conflict may occur over the
00 suffix, since both the <server>#00 and <workgroup>#00 names do get
registered.  The latter is a group name and may be related to the older
LANManager Domain system.  I'm not sure. 

The NetBIOS Name Service does not recognize workgroups or ntdomains. 
These are implemented above the NBT layer. 

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