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Wed Dec 27 23:10:10 GMT 2000

On Wed, 27 Dec 2000, Kevin Colby wrote:

> I have to admit, my personal feelings are against "...workgroup/server..."
> in any form.  However, there may be a further problem with using "/" to
> delimit between workgroup and server name.  What about these:
> (I'll skip the user/domain/password issue for the moment.)
> smb://workgroup/server/share/
> smb://server/share/subdir/
> Could a workgroup name be the same as a local server name, thus making
> these impossible to differentiate?

Obviously a name is a name and is always possible to have a server with
the same name of a workgroup but in this case it is possible to address
the server simply prepending it's workgroup name.

Without having workgroup name in the string you may have two servers of
different workgroups but with the same netbios name and not have a way to
differentiate them !


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