How to find Server Validation Level

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Thanks for the response.

Thats what I was thinking and also implemented. First I send level 3, then
if the server returns failure, I send level 2.

I will submit my enhancement to Samba team soon.


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P Ranjit Kumar wrote:
> What I am talking about is Validation Level thats
> set when Samba sends a RPC Netlogon validation request.
> For example this is hard coded to 3 in file
> rpc_client/rpc_netlogon.c , function cli_net_sam_logon().
> It is passed to the server over NETLOGON Pipe using
> the structure net_q_sam_logon_info (from
> include/rpc_netlogon.h).

Check the MSDN docs, but IIRC this is actually the level used
to indicate the structure type used (in our case here

> I think validation level indicates what level of
> user info does the server support.

You choose which one to issue and check for error codes
in the server response.  This is not something like
the capabilities bits which let you know for example
whether the server supports MS-DFS.

Cheers, jerry
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