Still no solution after 5 months(!) - Transfer speed problems (oplocks?) with Samba 2.0.7 and Win2K Pro

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Thu Dec 21 12:58:31 GMT 2000

>>>>> "JA" == Jeremy Allison <jeremy at> writes:
>> At least, as for Server perpose, I think *BSD works lot better than
>> Linux.
JA> This may even be true (although I stronly doubt it for smp
JA> systems)

.. You're right. I didn't think about SMP machine.
# because I don't have one (^^;)

JA> but there is a strong disincentive for working on
JA> BSD systems in that the license doesn't protect the code.

If you are to work for "BSD licensed code", like BSD kernel,
BSD make, BSD /bin tools, etc, You are right.

But you can run GPLed software on BSD machine. You can use BSD as
platform of whatever you're doing, without BSD lisence interrupting
your program code's lisence ( whatever you wish to use ).

So, as long as you wish your OS to be a TOOL for you, you have no

JA> This is the "free rider" problem that is why many people prefer to
JA> work on Linux.

I don't think the number of Linux user is due to "free rider"
problem, for most of the Linux user is not "Linux kernel coder".
On other hand, many *BSD user are not "BSD kernel coder" too,
and many people are using GPL for what they make on *BSD too.

I don't think there's big difference between BSD license and GPL.
It is true that BSD license do have "free rider" problem, but it is
also true that if you wish to copy the algorithm, it's still
possible even with GPL. And copying algorithm only requires man
power. Small company can't do such stupid way, but large company
can, and can claim for high price due to their pruducts high
quality ( without telling why is it so high quality ). It's still
lot cheeper than creating high quality code all by itself.
# Since so, GPL do not protect your code from Microsoft (^^;)

So, even GPL is not preventing you from free rider problem,
perfectly. And since so, I don't really care if license is BSD or

# But still, it's lot easier to use GPL than BSD.
# GPL shows how to use the License, while BSD don't.
Kenichi Okuyama at Tokyo Research Lab, IBM-Japan, Co.

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