Still no solution after 5 months(!) - Transfer speed problems (oplocks?) with Samba 2.0.7 and Win2K Pro

infernix infernix at
Tue Dec 19 20:19:04 GMT 2000


> fragmented packets.  Upon further investigation, I discovered, that by
> simply replacing my server's NIC with a 3C509B/C (actually, it was the
> euqivalent server version of the NIC), I was now able to access the data
> quickly.  It was that simple.
>  I replaced all the servers' compaq NICs with the
> 100Mbit server NIC from 3COM, and the problem is now gone.

Interesting story. However, I only have a 3c905B/C nics in both the server
and the clients, and they are connected through a 16port autosensing 3COM
hub. Therefore I highly doubt that this is the problem for me ;)

Thanks anyway though. I might try Intel NICs and see if that helps.



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