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> WINS/DNS enables one to ping by hostname. The response time is irrelevant if
> the machine cannot locate the host.

I think the idea was to make sure that you were solving one problem at a 

> When I say the response time is doubled, I mean the total round-trip time,
> not the time it took for the machine being pinged to respond to the ping
> request.
> The NIC's are fine, and so are the Cisco Switches. The problem appears to be
> an issue of how NT and Samba/Linux interact with each other. The response
> time being doubled indicates to me that the traffic is traveling twice the
> distance, not being held up somewhere... BTW, it is EXACTLY twice the time,
> so I think that that indicates an extra trip for each packet to the
> destination machine.

This is where an Ethereal, TCPdump, or NetMon trace would be handy.  If 
you have a Linux box, chances are you've got TCPdump available.

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