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Tue Dec 19 17:12:36 GMT 2000

ok, I understand all of this, but my primary issue is not the ping issue,
but rather the mapped drives. The response from the Samba shares is what is
very slow. The ping requests are pretty fast (<3ms) but the response from
the Samba shares is sometimes nonexistant. Sometimes, I cannot connect to a
share, but can ping with no problem.


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when you ping a workstation, whether or not wins is involved, the ping is
not serviced by wins.  Wins would only, ever, be used prior to the ping
opperation, to resolve the ip address.  After the ip address has been
resolved, no name lookup will be performed again, until you cancel/end the
current ping command, and execute a new ping command.

The ONLY way the ping packets will hit the wins server, is if the wins
server is in used as one of the hops in the routing tables of the
machines/routers.  Unless you manually specifiy a host route on the client &
have routing enabled on the WINS server, or corrupted ARP tables on a device
performing proxy arp, then the ping won't do this.

The actual ping itself will use ARP to resolve the MAC address of the end
node (if it's on the local subnet) then send the packet directly to the
destination MAC address.  The only way to get around this is to setup a
route to bypass the arp process, usually done for firewalls(or bidges that
don't proxy arp requests), or to use a proxy arp protocol on a router, or
server to respond to the arp request.  Then the device with the MAC
advertised by the proxy arp service, would need a static ARP entry and
routing enabled to forward the packet appropriately.  Again, not very
common, in fact, VERY rare.

If you suspect that the packet route is not direct, then use a traceroute to
see what the route path is...

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-> I can ping the clients by ip, or if I include the ip/host 
-> names in the
-> /etc/hosts file, but not through DNS... our DNS is external.
-> I've thought about this, but that's not the issue... what is actually
-> happening, I believe, is that the ping from the Win client 
-> is going to the
-> WINS server, then to the linux box, back to the WINS server, 
-> and then on
-> back to the client.
-> For some reason, this has to do with the WINS server 
-> (doubled ping response
-> times).
-> Anyway, my primary concern is that even if I can ping the 
-> linux boxes, the
-> problem is not resolved as far as mapping to the network 
-> (Samba) shares. I
-> thought that maybe there was something that indicates the 
-> max number of
-> connections that can occur for one linux server.
-> Oh, I had another non-related question regarding RH, and 
-> that is that I
-> recently read something about an ftp server issue that 
-> allows the server to
-> become overloaded or something. I have noticed a rather 
-> large number of FTP
-> error messages in the log files at times and was wondering 
-> where I could get
-> more information about this.
-> Thanks,
-> Charlie
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-> Charles Crawford wrote:
-> > 
-> > In the meantime, I'll email some RH lists and see what I 
-> come up with.
-> I'm actually on redhat-install, and spend a fair amount of 
-> time with RH.
-> Do you have any DNS issues?  The lag upon initial connect sounds
-> a lot like reverse DNS lookup timeouts.  You said that WINS and
-> the Windows servers and clients can resolve the Linux names and IPs,
-> but can the Samba server resolve the clients names and IPs?  It will
-> attempt to do so for any connection.  A quick test:  Do you get
-> the same lag for telnet connections from these clients?
-> 	- Kevin Colby
-> 	  kevinc at

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