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Charles Crawford ccrawford at
Tue Dec 19 13:58:20 GMT 2000


I'm having problems getting Samba shares to respond quickly enough to not
time-out on our NT network.

I've got a login script that creates a mapped drive to a share, but it tells
me that the server is not responding and that I might not have enough
network resources available to make the connection.

The systems that run Samba are all Red Hat Linux 6.1 systems, with Samba
2.0.5a-12 on one, and Samba 2.0.7-4 on the other. I don't think that this is
a Samba issue directly, but it is causing some difficulty and is causing
concern among management in regards to the effective use of Samba in our
networking environment.

Once the connection is made, which sometimes takes several login attempts,
there appear to be no problems. One item worth noting, however, is that
pinging any of the Linux machines brings a response time 2 times that of the
Windows machines. I've made sure that the IP addresses are included in the
WINS database, the host and lmhost files, and in the Server Manager.

The names resolve to the correct machines, but sometimes the connection is
very slow. I'm starting to think that Linux is misconfigured to allow a
small number of network connections, or that the switches are bottle-necking
the network connections. Anyone have any ideas?

Charlie Crawford, 
ccrawford at

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