Still no solution after 5 months(!) - Transfer speed problems (oplocks?) with Samba 2.0.7 and Win2K Pro

Kenichi Okuyama okuyamak at
Tue Dec 19 09:51:08 GMT 2000

>>>>> "i" == infernix  <infernix at> writes:
i> I am posting this for the third time now. In the past few months I have had
i> quite a few reactions, and I am positive many others share our problem but
i> cannot find a solution either.

So far, I find no solutions.

There's one point that I have in mind, but without any
information. According to your test, Windows98 is faster than Win2k,
right? Then, which device drivers are you using for you '3com 3c905C
NIC', on each OS? Is it from Microsoft, or is it from 3Com?

If 98 is using 3Com version, while 2k is from Microsoft, it might be
worth looking for one for 2k on 3Com's site.
# I don't know if they have one or not.

Also, have you tried this?

I don't really know if this will work on "3com 3c905C NIC" or not.
But if you didn't try it before, it is better than not trying, at
least, it's costless.

If no packets were lost, then run smbd with large number of debug
options ( like... 5 or 6 ... I usually use 10 ), and see the list of
requests. It might simply that since Win2k is newer version of
Windows, they might be simply sending lots of nasty request (^^;).
# At least, if you use WindowsNT Server, Win2k sends requests
# with lot smarter sequences to server.

Run Samba server normally, and than look at your machine's load
average using vmstat ( or anything is okey ), especially CPU load.
Are you having enough CPU power? are you having enough Memory?

How about trying Samba-2.0.7-ja-2.1 instead of Smaba-2.0.7?
Get it from

Don't believe in message that newest version is ja-0.992.  If you
dive into the ftp server, you'll find ja-2.1 there.  This version
includes not only better Internationalization, but various
performance tunings, too.
# Some... are by me, which I still can't post to samba-technical.
# I'm having hard time tring to think about how to explain
# why my newer version of trim_string() works exactly like
# original version, and yet both new one and old one have same
# Multilingual problems, why I didn't fix it and how we should, to
# those who don't really understand the difference between SJIS,
# EUC, and JIS ( I'm not saying that people should. But it is true
# that without understanding of these formats, explain will be very
# hard. If you do, you will understand the problem instantly that I
# don't even have to explain ).

What OS are you using for server? Linux?  Of which version? Did you
try FreeBSD or NetBSD? Socket layers of *BSD are lot better than
Linux version.

These are what I can come up with trying. But none of them have

good luck,
Kenichi Okuyama at Tokyo Research Lab, IBM-Japan, Co.

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