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The DJ hartman at
Thu Dec 14 12:56:13 GMT 2000

I'm working on a port of Samba to macos X.
As far as I can tell, most is working except one thing.
When you upload a directory to another server with smbclient, smbclient
calls find -maxdepth to look at the dir you want to upload.
The OSX version of find (which is basicly the FreeBSD version) does not know
the -maxdepth option and therefore I cannot upload directories.

Can I edit the source, so that it doesn't need the -maxdepth option?
What would I change to let it work with BSD like systems?

I there anyone out there who has done this already?
I know I can simply compile the gnu find and use that one, but I would like
to distribute this port as a package with an installer, and I simply can't
force all the users to go use gnu find. That would simply be not done. But
if there is no other way I will have to do this.

BTW. I'm pretty knew on the source part of this all. So plz try to keep it
as simple as possible ;-)

Greetings Derk-Jan Hartman
Universiteit Twente
Derk-Jan 'The DJ' Hartman
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