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Hubert_RICOUARD%CRAMROUEN at cram-normandie.fr Hubert_RICOUARD%CRAMROUEN at cram-normandie.fr
Wed Dec 13 13:47:24 GMT 2000

     Is someone know this problème ?

     My deamon nmbd always falls when I start samba.
in order to understand this problem, I run the command  :

nmblookup -B espaix9 __SAMBA__
querying __SAMBA__ on
name_query failed to find name __SAMBA__

If I look in the file /usr/local/samba/var/log.nmb, this error message is

[2000/12/13 14:36:17, 0] lib/util_sock.c:open_socket_in(863)
 bind failed on port 137 socket_addr= (Address already in use)

I would like to know how to change to another port or to know how to know the
which are using the socket


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