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there should be a press release from Caldera soon on libsmbclient.

It is underway :-) !

At 02:12 PM 12/12/00 +0100, Alain BARBET wrote:
>I suggest 2 weeks ago the idea of add a libsmb target in Samba Makefile. I 
>want use this with a Perl module, that work with a shared C library.
>After that Matt Peterson ask for use of  actual client routine (cli_*) or
>a higher interface (same as Richard Sharpe has made 3 years ago).
>After that I see in todo list this:
>- (Priority - MEDIUM, Status - *INACTIVE*) Isolate client side RPCs into a 
>portable libmsrpc library (need a portable SMB client type library first)."
>So I've test the two solutions:
>- First I dowload last beta release, and take a look in cli_functions. Mmm I 
>didn't found a header C file that can do with what I want, and didn't 
>understand all goal of functions.
>- Second I download old libsmb and found smblib.h. Yes! It's missing some 
>functions, but it's a very good start. I make several change for build
>under Linux in the rfcnb directory but it's work. 
>For developper other than Samba Team I think cli_ function seem to be as a 
>black box .... So I think it's a better thing to use a higer interface with 
>minimum code for hide complex cli_functions.
>No ? What you think of this ? Can I start to use smblib.h interface ?
>(and work of Richard Sharpe must be rewritten or not ?)

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