2.2.0-alpha1 "unexpected network error"

Robert Dahlem Robert.Dahlem at gmx.net
Mon Dec 11 18:06:03 GMT 2000


On Wed, 06 Dec 2000 10:11:55 +0100, Robert Dahlem wrote:

>At least I got 2.2.0-alpha1 to compile on my Reliant Unix 5.43 (32 
>bit system, formerly known as SINIX).

> [...]

>But whenever I try to use anything (clicking on the share in Explorer 
>or "DIR X:") the beast tells me something like "Unexpected Network 
>error. Retry?" (roughly translated from german). Debug logs up to 
>level 5 show nothing unusual.

BTW: I#ve been hit by the same problem on my Linux box.

>Anything I can do to hunt this down?

Well, nobody seems to be really interested, so I tried my luck myself. 

I found out that the problem occurs only when there is a file not 
matching the 8.3 conventions. I modified tcpdump a bit and found that 
the problem is in the answer to a trans2 findfirst/findnext request, 
when the info level is SMB_FIND_FILE_BOTH_DIRECTORY_INFO. This one 
returns filename, attributes, dates and a ShortName together with a 

ShortNameLength is never higher than 12 (8+the_dot+3 ?) in 2.0.7 but 
gets the real file name length in 2.2.0-alpha1.

Former code (in smbd/trans2.c:get_lanman2_dir_entry()) was: 

  if (!was_8_3) {
    if (!name_map_mangle(p+2,True,True,SNUM(conn)))
      (p+2)[12] = 0;
  } else
    *(p+2) = 0;
  p += 2 + 24;

and now is:

  if (!was_8_3) {
    SSVAL(p, 0, strlen(p+2));
  } else {
    *(p+2) = 0;
  p += 2 + 24;

As soon as I re-insert "(p+2)[12] = 0;" after name_map_mangle(), the 
problem disappears.

I'm not confident enough with my own knowledge, so could please anyone 
comment on this?


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