MySQL module

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Thu Dec 7 12:28:58 GMT 2000

> > > My module for password authorization in Samba
> > > works fine(checking passwords, updating
> > > passwords, deleting/adding accounts) in Samba 2.0.7. But
> > > what should I change in it so it works with the Samba
> > > 2.2.x series?
> >
> > I cannot remember any specific changes in the passdb stuff
> > between 2.0.x and the current SAMBA_2_2 code.  The passdb
> > API in head has been reimplemented.  There was a long thread on
> > this mailing list in the past month about this.

> > The passdb API in head will eventually get moved to 2.2.  Some
> > release other than .0 of course.  If you want to match this
> > new API, check ths mail list archives and let me know of
> > some specific questions.
> >
> I'm interested in MySQL backend, may you post the code?
> I may point to you critical changes needed eventually!

I'll upload the source code within a fewweeks. Currently, it only supports
uid's that are the name of the user + 1000. (I have programmed this module
for school where each student has his/her own unique number. The +1000 has
to prevent student 0 to be root automatically). I'll change this and then
upload the code.

Another thing:
Should samba get support for dynamically loadable authentication modules?


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