Session username vs. Real username

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed Dec 6 18:28:33 GMT 2000

"Anders C. Thorsen" wrote:
> lib/util.c:standard_sub_basic()
> the code
> "char* username = sam_logon_in_ssb ? samlogon_user 
> : sesssetup_user;" tells me that samlogon_user should contain 
> a authenticated username if samlogon_in_ssb is true
> which is set in  rpc_server/srv_netlog.c:api_net_sam_logon. 
> This seems to be a variable which only is set when the client is 
> NT.
> Is there any way to easy determine if the user is authenticated
> all clients?

This is a hack since the net_sam_logon is done over 
an RPC over named pipe over anonymous connection to IPC$.
The global samlogon_in_ssb is only use for variable expansion
in dealing with smb.conf parameters.

Cheers, jerry
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